Movies for a Fallout fan


  • A Boy and His Dog (1975) ; Inspiration for the games, much references in-game such as dogmeat’s name and the glowing ones and vaults. Highly recommended. 
  • Mad Max (1979-) series ; Inspiration for the games, such as a dog companion, the leather armor and raiders fashion style. Highly recommended.
  • The Omega Man (1971) ; Inspiration for the games, though I’d say not to the same extent as the previous two. Also shown at the Fallout 3 film festival. Recommended as it is a classic, however I did not get much of a Fallout feeling when watching. 
  • Cherry 2000 (1987) ; Androids, post-apocalyptic desert environment with scattered settlements and buried cities. Big fucking guns. Really bad acting, but still a pretty enjoyable film from a Fallout fan’s perspective. 
  • Book of Eli (2010) ; Nuclear post-apocalyptic neo-western. Pretty good. 
  • Eden Log (2007) ; ”A man wakes up in an underground cave not knowing how he got there, a dead man lies next to him.” Definitely gives the feeling of exploring a vault. Recommended. 
  • Pandorum (2009) ; Post-apocalyptic survival in a space ship with mutants and shit. Great movie. 
  • Six String Samurai (1998) ; Post-apocalyptic Vegas, dude trying to get there to become the new King. Referenced as a New Vegas perk. Kind of strange movie, but very enjoyable and cool.  
  • I Am Legend (2007) ; Based on the same novel as The Omega Man. Post-apocalyptic. Good. 
  • Twelve Monkeys (1995) ; Post-apocalyptic time travel movie. Recommended. 

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